• LitterBin (6 1/2 gallon) With Blue Lid and Blue Base

    $37.95 $29.95

    It’s a 6 1/2  gallon plastic pail with a plastic swivel handle (or add the optional rope handle at checkout). It holds more than a typical five gallon pail and is the perfect height for most truck beds. The unique lid is designed to allow litter of various sizes to pass through easily and securely. It also has a base that prevents it from sliding around and helps it to not tip over.

    Optional Rope Handle is 5/8 diameter, marine grade with stainless attach points. See Picture

    Blue Lid: Recycle

    Green Lid: Trash

    Uses: Boats, Truck Bed, Picnic, Beach, Tailgating, Air-boat, Poolside, Construction, Utility trailers, Swamp Buggy, Porch

    Users: hunters, boaters, campers, landscapers, roofers, fishermen

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